About Open Weed Science

We are a community of Weed Scientists from around the globe passionate about Weed Biology, Ecology, Genetics and Management, and also Data Visualization and Data Analysis.

Our mission is to promote the sharing of research techniques, data visualization and data analysis from current work published in peer-reviewed articles.

We value open access knowledge-sharing as a strategy to enhance reproducibility within our discipline.

The Open Weed Science Team

Member Role Domain(s) Institute Country Contact
Maxwel C Oliveira Leadership Modeling, Visulization University of Wisconsin-Madison BRA-USA maxoliveira@wisc.edu
Brendan C S Alexander Member Modeling, Applied Statistics University of Illinois-UC USA bca2@illinois.edu
Ethann R Barnes Member Modeling GreenLight Biosciences, Inc. USA
Jose J Nunes Member Modeling, Visulization University of Wisconsin-Madison USA jjnunes@wisc.edu
Lucas K Bobadilla Member Bioinformatics University of Illinois-UC USA lucask3@illinois.edu
O Adewale Ospitan Member Meta-analysis University of California-Davis USA oosipitan@ucdavis.edu
Rodrigo Werle Member Modeling, Weed Management University of Wisconsin-Madison USA rwerle@wisc.edu
Sarah M Matos Marinho Member Text Analysis Fundação Getulio Vargas-CEPESP São Paulo Brazil sarah.momm@gmail.com
Sarah Striegel Member Machine learning University of Wisconsin-Madison USA sstriegel@wisc.edu
Stevan Z Knezevic Member Dose-response, Weed Competition University of Nebraska-Lincoln USA sknezevic2@unl.edu
Zahoor Ganie Member Modeling FMC Corporation USA zahoor.ganie@fmc.com

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